If you want to keep up on Municipal zoning actions in Spenard, you can check the zoning cases website or get on the email alert system for any or all community councils. You may also want to get involved with the community council for the area. Community Councils are relatively informal ways to get together with others to learn about and send feedback the the city on a large variety of issues. It is the grassroots level of government required in the Municipal Charter.

Zoning Cases on-line - This is where to go to learn more when you see one of those blue signs that tells you there's a public hearing and has a case #.

Municipal Planning email alert system - go here to sign up for emails when there is a proposal. This can be liquor licenses, rezones, site plan reviews, budgets and more.

Federation of Community Councils website - go here to learn more about Community Councils.

Anchorage Assembly - If you want to know what the Anchorage Assembly (that's city's legislative body) is up to. The agendas are posted and previous meetings are available on video.

The Municipality's website - poke around here for all kinds of info.


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