Spenard Chamber of Commerce Boundaries

Anchorage General Business (B-3) Zoned Land

Spenard Corridor Technical Report



The map below shows the SCOC boundaries in yellow..

The Spenard Chamber of Commerce boundaries are generally Chester Creek from Westchester Lagoon to Arctic Blvd, Arctic Blvd from Chester Creek to West Tudor Rd, West Tudor Rd from Arctic to Minnesota Drive, Minnesota Drive from Tudor to West International Rd., West International from Minnesota Drive to the southern point of Lake Spenard, the east shore of Lake Spenard extending north to the intersection Wisconsin St. and West 42d Ave, W. 42d Ave from Wisconsin St. to E. Turnagain Blvd., E. Turnagain Blvd from W. 42d Ave. to a line extended west from 36th Ave., 36th Ave extended from Turnagain Blvd to Lois Drive, Lois Drive from 36th extended to Hillcrest Drive, Hillcrest Drive from Lois Dr. extended to Spenard Rd and from there following Spenard Road to Chester Creek.

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Click here for a more detailed view of the boundaries.

Anchorage's general business district zoning is called "B-3." Here's a map showing where B-3 zoning exists in the Anchorage Bowl. Notice that Spenard Road is lined with B-3.

This also shows Anchorage's Comprehensive Plan's "Town Center" locations. Note that the north Spenard Road area is a "Neighborhood and medium scale mixed use center."


Spenard Corridor Technical Report April 2011
The Spenard Corridor Technical Report is a compilation of some existing conditions, current land uses, and related technical information for the Spenard Road corridor. It is intended to assist with implementation of the West Anchorage District Plan once it is adopted. Information in this report may also contribute to decisions on future Spenard Road upgrade projects.
Spenard Corridor Technical Report

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